So I saw on Facebook an article about how Andrew Garfield threw out the idea of making Peter explore his sexuality and maybe be gay. I read the article then clicked the picture to view the comments and these were some of the comments.

First I would like to thank Joselerio. Thank you for not feeding into the homophobic comments and so forth.

Second I would let to point out just how pissed I am at the first and last comment. “Homosexual agenda”? Really? Are you that ignorant? “He’ll shoot rainbows” “Make his costume a rainbow” Are you that fucking ignorant?

First off, there is no homosexual agenda mother fucker. There are people out there that are homosexual, there are people that are bisexual, pansexual, asexual and so forth. There is no agenda. The reason why there are people who are trying to slowly bring in characters that are homosexual because there are people out there who need their own superhero to look up to. Someone that is gay, bi, pan, or asexual. Why? Well because it isn’t fair for them to be excluded, have no one, while we shove them aside and get all the heroes we want. If the roles were reversed and every superhero was bi, or gay, we’d be pissed wouldn’t we?

Second off, just because you are gay doesn’t mean you wear rainbows, or shoot rainbows, or eat rainbows. That is such a close-minded stereotypical thought process, and it makes me sick. In fact all of these comments, aside from Joselerio, make me sick and all I could think of was Young Avengers all over again.

I absolutely hate that people think, just because they read about a gay superhero, that young children will become gay. That makes about as much sense as a boy playing with a pink cooking set will become gay.

Being gay isn’t something that is taught — it’s how you are when you are born. You can’t be taught to be gay, just like you can’t be taught to be straight. Or a girl can’t be taught to be a boy because she plays with trucks instead of dolls. That kind of thinking is ridiculous, close-minded, and just plain ignorant and it pisses me off.

Now do I believe Peter should be gay? No. Why? Because he isn’t in the comics (at least to my knowledge) and so far the Amazing Spiderman is more off the comics than the other Spiderman movies — why I like it so much more than the others. For me turning away now, after the bar being set, is a bad decision. That and obviously, as you can see from the comments, the world is no where near ready for it. People are too ignorant, stubborn, and just assholes.

I am so sick of this and I can’t help but wonder if we will ever be ready. Will it take another 2013 years for it? It’s just ridiculous and I am so tired of it.

My faith in humanity is no longer existent.

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